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  20-May-2024 Monday

Steps to place order for Tailor made clothing:

Per pc/set inclusive of fabrics already HK$ US$
Long Dress76098.7
Knee Length Dress68088.3
Suits Set76098.7
Coat / Jacket830107.8
Blouse / Tops32041.6
Short Pants22028.6

* if with beads or embroidery will quote you before you pay.

  1. You must register to become a member first, free of any charges.
  2. Choose any styles on this website and fill in the style number. Or send a email to us after submission with clothing photo with your User Name.
  3. Fill in our measurement form.
  4. You can press the "Save my measurement" to save the figures for future use.
  5. After you press the "Add To Card" and complete the procedures, we will use email to final confirm you with the price and payment method. You can cancel your order any time before payment.
  6. Around 3 to 4 weeks after payment receipt date will deliver the finish clothing.
  7. Shipping Rate:
    Airmail (US$15 / pc):  will take 10-15 days for arrival.
    EMS (US$23 / pc):  will take 3-5 days for arrival.

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