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  16-Apr-2024 Tuesday


Quotaton of your designs or alteration of any designs with photos or sketches:

  1. You must register as a free member first, with shipping address and contact telephone so that we know you are a serious buyer.
  2. Those designs you uploaded or emailed to us can only be seen by you and us, which will be started with an X of the product number meaning 'No Show' item. We will not use your designs to sell or show to any other buyers or visitors.
  3. If you need sample first minimium is 2 different designs of 1 piece each per order (Need Sample Making Surcharge). If for ordering of production of any designs, min. is 30 pieces per design allowing 3 sizes, 50 pieces allow 4 sizes and 2 colors per design.
  4. Our staff will email you the quotation within 24 hours. Which will hold valid for 7 days. After that the cost will need to be recalcuated based on the fabrics costing in due course. And we will not quote again if we think the customer with that history seems to us that she is not ready yet.
  5. Pls note that we are not responsible for goods sold whether the customer liking the outcomes or not. Because we have spent the money and time on manufactuing them, liking or not liking the clothing is very subjective to personal taste.

For styles on our website, steps for quotation:

  1. Press [ Add To Cart ] button to store all chosen items.
  2. Press [ Order-Cart ] button in the above main menu will toggle the display of Order Cart.
  3. After you have "added to cart" of all items, press [ Order-Cart ] button to display it, then press [ SUBMIT ] and [ SUBMIT ] until you see the successful page.
  4. During the process, we will not ask you to pay. After your submission of the inquiry order, we will quote you by email usually within 24 hours. You can alter to any sizes and do any alterations based on your instructions after your acceptance of the quotation by return emails communication.
  5. You can also edit the item quantities, colors, fabrics, and sizes after you have submitted the inquiry order for quotation later on. Simply by pressing the above [ Member ] button to go to the member section, and press the [ Past Order ] button there for viewing and editing.
  6. Tentative payment methods: Paypal, Wechat, Alipay, Western Union, Moneygram, or TT to our Bank.
  7. We only manufacture the clothings when you have confirmed them by email later on. Please only submit those items you possibly will order after quotations because to calculate the cost of manufacturing them will take up a lot of time. If you need to do samples first, instead of bulk production of 30 pcs or more per design, please write the word `SAMPLE` in the final remarks box before you press the [ FINAL SUBMIT ] button during submission process, we will edit the 30 pcs default quantity to 1 piece and add the Sample Surcharge on top of the quoted price later on. If Sample-Only order Minimum is 2 different designs of 1 piece sample each per order per shipment.
  8. For your designs or our designs, prices are the same because our factory has our own computer CAD paper sewing patterns maker can make all changes of any clothings too. We can do even 30 pcs of clothings with your design of textile fabric digital printing inhouse. We do your woven label, paper swing tag, clothing embroideries and hand sew-on beadings/sequins with an attractive pricing and small minimium requirement.
  9. We only manufacture medium to high quality garments, we provide you with ex-factory reasonable pricing. For those looking for cheap low end clothings we cannot serve. Thanks alot.
  10. Just to let you know that we will not do illegal brand faking, it is our factory policy.:)

Q & A:

Q: Can I make samples first?
A: Yes, but sample need sample surcharge add to the quoted price. In fact making 30 pcs will have 3 sizes which is a very small quantity already for a factory, maybe you can just try this small order instead. Min. is 30 pcs per design with 3 sizes. But if you want a sample first which need to add the sample surcharge, min. is 3 different designs of each 1 piece of sample per order.

Q: What size will a sample come in and how long do they take as I would like to order more? How long does the clothing usually take to complete?
A: Can make any sizes that you instructed even with your own size chart, because we are a factory. Standard production lead time per order no matter big or small is around 3-4 weeks after payment receipt as it needs to queue up in the production lines.

Q: Are you able to price the custom design I sent over?
A: Those will be around the same prices as our designs that we have quoted you.

Q: If I ordered a sample of custom top I sent through to you what extra costs do I need to pay?
A: The cost of making that sample + sample surcharge + postage. But min. is 3 different designs of samples per order.

Q: If I send you a sample of fabric, how close can you usually match it?
A: We will send a china fabric purchaser to search in China big fabrics wholesale markets, thus, should be ok.

Q: How much does the cost of each garment go down if I send you my own fabric?
A: Deduct the fabric costs based on those fabric costs if buy in China. 2006-2025 All Right Reserved.
Address: G/F, No.108, Feng Tai Rd, Sha Wan District, Shenzhen, China

Disclaimer: photos on this website are for style reference only